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Welcome to Acrobator
We love big impact founders bridging East and West.
We believe in the potential of data, with a founder-first approach.
We mix the deeper pockets of a savvy fund with our hands-on angel mentality.
Focus: pre/seed

B2B(2C) software with data-intensive business models.

Future leaders

Big impact founders building category leaders.

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You value a partner that understands what it takes to build companies from scratch.
You expect a founder-first mentality from cap table to founder well-being.
You're looking for an investor that understands growth marketing, AI/ML and the value of data.
We're an operator-led fund with a home in Amsterdam and Kyiv.
$20 billion in value created. $1billion invested in our portfolio by
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We love awesome founders. We love to jointly succeed.
We offer true value, network and smart money. Fun whenever possible!
We mix the deeper pockets of a savvy fund with our hands-on angel mentality.
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Bas Godska
General Partner
Acrobator Ventures was founded by Bas following the success of his angel investments like Miro and Harver. He is an eCommerce pioneer and eMarketing expert since 2000. Was CMO for, Orbitz, Ozon, Lamoda, Kupivip, SportingBet and others.
Co-founder of leading travel aggregator
Good drummer, wannabe writer.

Bas' LinkedIn Profile
Joachim Laqueur
General Partner
Joachim is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with experience ranging from M&A to biofuels and VC. He co-founded a waste-to-energy biofuel company in Austria and active in the CIS region through his family office since the early '90s. As passionate about vintage cars and motorcycles as he is about building new ventures.

Joachim's LinkedIn Profile
Ramon Vigdor
General Partner
Ramon is an AI/ML expert with a long track record as the CTO of Global Orange (Dutch SaaS developer). He brings expertise in tech ideation to large-scale production with teams in Eastern Europe, SaaS, and AI/ML. Passion for state-of-the-art AI systems that support rather than bypass humanity.

Ramon's LinkedIn Profile
Mike Reiner
General Partner
Mike co-founded one of the leading European accelerators and AI conferences, scaled ventures internationally, and made around 40 startup investments. He's passionate about new-style leadership and impact-driven founders. Mike loves the intersection of venture capital and entrepreneurship. Amateur photographer and likes to test his meditation skills in ice baths.

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